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2016 KC U A N N UA L R E P O RT 61 60 2016 KC U A N N UA L R E P O RT In Memory of Jan A. Oliveri Nicholas A. Cunicella, III, DO In Memory of Joseph S. Ondrejko, DO James M. Quinn, DO In Memory of Chrtopher Pabian, MD Nicholas E. Boggs, DO In Memory of Hamid Parsa, DO, 1962 Andrew C. Bullock, DO Howard W. Osborn, DO In Memory of Rodney C. Perry, DO, 1983 Douglas C. Lorenz, DO In Memory of Dr. Raymond Pani Julie D. Fountain George R. Pisani In Memory of Mary T. Quinn Philip L. Quinn, III, DO In Memory of Philip L. Quinn Philip L. Quinn, III, DO In Memory of Robert G. Ricci, DO, 1968 Joseph S. Gialde, DO Dolores Ricci In Memory of John W. Schenz, DO, 1955 Mrs. Danielle J. Hoppes Delbert A. Hoppes, DO In Memory of William E. Settlemire, DO, 1966 Richard F. Sulek, DO In Memory of Natalie C. Sieb, DO, 2007 Rose Saluke Ebel, DO In Memory of Clyde M. Smith, DO, 1942 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Smith In Memory of Chrtine Stamper Donald W. Stamper, DO In Memory of Leonard and Rose Steinig Clifford N. Steinig, DO Mrs. Jill O. Steinig In Memory of John A. Strosnider, DO, 1975 Mrs. Lavern Garner Neal W. Garner, DO In Memory of Kory Swantek Leo J. Swantek, Jr., DO In Memory of William A. om, DO, 1949 Houston Osteopathic Foundation In Memory of Nichol R. Tiballi Gerard J. Tiballi, DO In Memory of om A. Ward, DO, 1965 Mrs. Leigh Ward In Memory of Gary S. Wserman, DO, 1971 Richard A. Furman, DO Barry M. Siegel, DO Stephen W. Thal, DO In Memory of Rudolph L. Williams, Jr., 1955 Stanley Canter, MD In Memory of Robert E. Wilton, DO, 1965 Mrs. A. Marion Wilton In Memory of Stephen J. Zella, DO, 1997 Frank L. Anderson, DO THE COTTONWOOD TREE A camp landmark throughout KCU's htory, the Cottonwood Tree saw its lt year on camp in 2016. Damaging storms had weakened it to a point where the safety of students, faculty, staff and vitors would have been compromed had action not be taken. Wood om the tree will, however, be ed in future camp projects, ensuring the Cottonwood's legacy. I N ST I T U T I O N A L A DVA N C E M E N T

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